Buying & Selling Early Texas Art Since 1988

Richard Plumly 7th Generation Texan
Owner of Fine Arts of Texas, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"Accurate Valuation & Authentication
 is the result of Decades
 Buying, Selling and the Study of
 Early Texas Art
                         Julian Onderdonk 20" x 30" 

    Jose Arpa - Overlooking San Antonio, Texas


          Richard Plumly's expertise is a result of decades as an art dealer Specializing in Early Texas Art. Richard has been a dealer since 1988 and since the 1950's has viewed & studied Texas art in the family collection.  We are a main contributor to major Texas art collections across Texas.

          VALUATION: The first few seconds of seeing a painting for the first time plays an important role in the valuation process. How the overall quality strikes the viewer and the power of the painting and how it relates to other works by the artist. Each artist had his or her best period and best subject which is an important factor in most cases, but not all. The below factors play a role in the final value.

           Quality, Color, Subject, Composition, Workmanship, Period, Size, Condition & Provenance.

          An accurate valuation can be achieved with digital images should you not live near San Antonio. We have purchased MANY paintings from digital images relying on our knowledge of the artist and characteristics in workmanship. Valuation is a technical process based on knowledge of workmanship, period and having the trained eye as a determining factor in obtaining an accurate value.

          AUTHENTICATION: Every artist has his/her own unique characteristics in workmanship. Authentication can be achieved most of the time with digital images should you not live near San Antonio. Seldom is it necessary for first-hand viewing. Every artist has his/her own special characteristics and a dealer with a trained eye can determine the artist without seeing the signature in many cases. The workmanship is the signature of the artist.

          PRIVATE SALES: With a Private Sale or Consignment to us you will receive the Highest possible NET price anywhere without the risk, delay and hidden cost of auctions. Our goal is to please everyone and make the sale of your painting an enjoyable experience with professional accuracy to all details of the sale, including the arrangement of packing/shipping/insurance and fast payment.  Email or call if you are considering selling your painting.

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