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Our Most Wanted
Buying Original Works by The Early Texas Artists
The Dallas Nine, Regionalism and Mid-Century Modern in Texas

We are always interested in purchasing works by the below Texas Artists.
Email or call to discuss works you own.

Top prices
for quality examples
$5,000 to $750,000

Jose Arpa Biography
David Bates
Bill Bomar

Mary Anita Bonner Biography
Harold Bugbee (Oils Only) Biography
Jerry Bywaters
Harry Carnohan
Ben L. Culwell

Dawson Dawson-Watson Biography
John Douglass
Otis Dozier Biography
Edward Eisenlohr Biography
Seymour Fogel

Michael Frary (oils) Biography
Louise Fretelliere
Theodore Gentilz Biography
Xavier Gonzales
Louis Edward Grenet

Alexandre Hogue Biography
Carl G. von Iwonski Biography
Deforrest Judd
William Lewis Lester Biography
Hermann Lungkwitz Biography
Florence McClung
Loren Mozley Biography

Audley Dean Nicols Biography
Julian Onderdonk Biography
Robert Jenkins Onderdonk
Richard Petri
Robert Preusser
Frank Reaugh Biography
Dickson Reeder

Porfirio Salinas Biography
William M. G. Samuel

Edward M. Schiwetz Biography
Paul Richard Schumann Biography
Everett Spruce Biography

Thomas M. Stell
Julius Stockfleth Biography
Stella Sullivan
Charles Umlauf
Bror Utter
Velox Ward

Specializing in Early Texas  ☆ Regionalism
& Mid-Century Modern

 Established 1988


Sold Example by Alexandre Hogue
25x30 Oil on Canvas

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Sold Example by Julian Onderdonk

Sold Example by Paul Schumann

Sold Example by Theodore Gentilz
10x14 Oil on Panel c.1868

Sold Example by William Lewis Lester

Sold Example by Edward M. Schiwetz

Sold Example by Everett Spruce
  Sold Example by Julius Stockfleth

Sold Example by Mary Anita Bonner
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